Fino Cruz del Mar

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100% uva Palomino Fino. Seleccionada de los pagos de viñas viejas de Miraflores




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Fino Cruz del Mar


A classic attached to modernity. Pale gold or straw color. Sharp and delicate aroma. It has an extraordinary passage through the mouth, with excellent aromatic aspects with memories of old wood.

In the mouth it is light and soft, somewhat warm, tasty and long, with a brackish touch and a pleasant chamomile flavor due to the proximity of the soleras next to the Atlantic Ocean (approx. 50 mto). Biological aging under a flower veil remains unique throughout the year.


The Fino must be served very cold, between 7 and 9º C. Ideal wine for the aperitif and for all kinds of tapas, especially olives, nuts and Iberian ham. Ideal companion for seafood and fish, especially those with a marked salty flavor (anchovies) and raw (sachimi). Due to its low content of acetic acid, it combines exceptionally with dishes of outstanding acidity (salads with vinaigrette, marinades, etc.) as well as cold soups (gazpacho, white garlic …). It is widely used in haute cuisine to marinate and flavor numerous dishes, to which it adds a multitude of nuances, making them happy and giving it a unique and personal touch.

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