The Consejo Regulador of Jerez-Xérès-Sherry

Winery of Crianza and Expedition

We are one of the Aging and Expedition Wineries located in the so-called “Aging Area”, we comply with the requirements established by the Regulation for the aging of wines covered by the regulatory adviser, as well as for the marketing, so we can sell wines Bottled Protected by Denominations of Origin Jerez – Xérèz – Sherry

The crianza is undoubtedly the most decisive stage in the production process of sherry wines.

Aging type.

The Crianza

Two types of aging are carried out in the Jerez area: aging in wooden boots, subjected to the slow physical-chemical evolution according to the conditions of its environment, which we refer to as “aging” or “oxidative aging”; and the so-called “biological aging” under a flower veil, in which the wine evolves in a more dynamic way, driven by the activity of a biological veil formed on the surface of the latter by specific and local yeasts.

In accordance with the provisions of the Specification of the Designation of Origin, the aging of the wines must last for a minimum period of two years. However, the aging period of the wines is often much longer, in order for the wines to achieve the typical characteristics of each of the types.

Although in the case of oxidative aging it is possible to carry out a static aging, without carrying out mixtures of wines with different levels of old age, the traditional in the area (and the only viable method to successfully carry out biological aging. ) is the dynamic breeding system known as “criaderas y solera”.


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