The must season begins at Bodegas César Florido, the must is the first wine made after the harvest, which has been vatted for about forty days, until it reaches about 12 degrees of alcohol, and which constitutes the basis of all the Marco wines. A somewhat acidic wine, very fresh and refreshing, with floral hints.

    When Bodegas César Florido begins to have must in its office and distribute it among its clients, there is no doubt. It is then that the season of this young wine from the town of Chipiona, within the framework of Jerez, is officially inaugurated. This year the starting gun takes place in mid-November.

    According to César Florido, owner of the César Florido wineries, how the present harvest of must has been shorter than usual due to the deficit of rainfall recorded, which has led to 30 percent less production than in previous years although like all the years with exceptional quality.

    and what about their pairing?

    Country garlic, cabbage and small

    Country garlic is the star dish of the must route, a kind of hot salmorejo, which is made with stale bread, tomatoes, peppers, garlic and olive oil. It is usually made in large quantities, in a basin: a large glazed clay pot, where bread and vegetables are crushed. In musts it is traditional to serve it with a radish.

    We are in winter, and hot dishes rule. There is usually no lack of Jerez cabbage, a gypsy stew that usually mixes chickpeas and beans, with various vegetables (such as cardillo, chard or celery) and pork (loin, bacon, chorizo ​​and blood sausage). Neither is the menudo, as tripe is known in the province of Cádiz, which is characterized by having plenty of chickpeas and being very spicy.

    These traditional stews are usually completed with all kinds of cold meats, game meat, field rabbit or bull’s tail.


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